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For the Love of Strays relies heavily on foster homes. In order to save homeless dogs and cats, we need loving families willing to share their hearts and homes with these animals until they are adopted.

What to expect from FTLOS:

FTLOS provides all vetting, food and equipment needed for the foster family to properly care for our animals. We understand that rescue animals may need behavior training in order to acclimate into a home environment and will provide behavior training and guidance to the foster family.

What we expect from you:

We expect a foster family to provide a safe and loving environment for our animal to reside in until they are adopted. We ask the foster parent to bring their foster animal to adoption events in an effort to get their animal adopted by a loving family.


What if I want to adopt my foster?

We understand that many fosters do fall in love with the animals that come into their home. FTLOS always allow the foster the opportunity to adopt their foster animal.


What if I cannot bring my foster to an adoption event?

FTLOS does not require foster parents to bring their foster animals to every adoption event. If you would like to make arrangements to have a foster animal picked up and taken to an event, we ask that you reach out to us prior to the event. We will do our best to provide transportation.


What if my foster is not fitting in with my household?

We make every effort to match an animal’s personality with the foster home. However, in some cases we understand that a need may arise to have a foster animal moved and we try to accommodate the move as soon as possible.


Do I get paid to foster?

For the Love of Strays relies on foster families volunteering their time and home to caring for their foster animals and therefore do not pay our foster families.

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